Cherrystar-pink-orange she-cat

Apprentice, Acornpaw


Goldentail-golden and white tom with a dark ginger tail

Apprentice, Brindlepaw

Medicine CatEdit

Rivertail-blue-gray tom

Apprentice, Berrypaw


Raccoontail-battle-scarred, elderly pale tom with a tabby tail

Apprentice, Spottedpaw

Snowbounce-energetic white she-cat

Apprentice, Longpaw

Ebonystorm-black and brown she-cat

Apprentice, Blossompaw

Lemonsong-pale ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Runningpaw

Dewmask-silver tom with a gray face

Nighttail-ginger tom with a black tail

Whitemuzzle-gray tom with a white muzzle

Apprentice, Antpaw

Milkthorn-brown and white tom

Apprentice, Brightpaw

Sandshine-cream and golden she-cat

Scorchfrost-black and white tom

Sandstripe-pale ginger tabby tom

Apprentice, Brownpaw

Russetfrost-dark ginger tabby tom with unusual white stripes

Brackenflower-long-haired pale ginger she-cat

Froststripe-dark ginger tabby she-cat with unusual white stripes

Flameclaw-pale ginger tom with one ginger paw

Firepelt-bright ginger tom

Cloudfur-white tom

Spiderfoot-long-legged black tom with dark ginger legs

Berrytail-cream-colored tom

Apprentice, Poppypaw

Blueclaw-blue-gray she-cat

Runningfoot-swift tabby tom

Apprentice, Dustpaw

Goldtail-pretty pale ginger she-cat

Littlecloud-very small fluffy white tom

Deadface-black tom with a horribly scarred face

Leopardfur-spotted-and-tabby golden she-cat

Blackface-white tom with a black face

Apprentice, Brokenpaw

Brokenjaw-longhaired dark brown tabby tom with a twisted jaw

Dustclaw-dark brown tabby tom

Tigertail-big dark brown tabby tom

Sparrowtail-big dark brown tabby tom

Poisonscar-russet tom

Brackenclaw-brown tabby she-cat

Cherrypelt-flame-colored she-cat with golden patch of fur on her chest

Hawkpelt-brown tom

Icewhisper-pure white she-cat

Apprentice, Stormpaw

Rosepool-dark brown tabby she-cat

Shadownight-black she-cat

Sparrowfeather-mottled brown and gray tom

Dappleblaze-tortoiseshell and white she-cat with a dark ginger splash on her chest

Kestreltail-brownish-gray she-cat with a white-spotted tail

Lionfang-golden tom with a thick pelt

Wolfshine-silver tom

Oakwing-russet-brown tom with dark brown patches of fur on both flanks

Cherrysong-small ginger tabby she-cat

Brightwing-white she-cat with ginger spots

Rosefern-dark cream she-cat

Oaktail-small brown tom


Berrypaw-longhaired pale tom with soft fur, medicine cat apprentice

Spottedpaw-white and black she-cat

Longpaw-longhaired pale ginger she-cat with big ears

Acornpaw-light brown tabby tom

Antpaw-light brown tabby tom with black flecks on his muzzle

Brindlepaw-pale gray tabby she-cat

Blossompaw-tortoiseshell she-cat with brown wing-like patches

Brightpaw-black tom with golden underbelly

Brownpaw-brown dapple-coated tom

Poppypaw-tortoiseshell she-cat

Dustpaw-dark brown tabby tom

Runningpaw-swift small tabby and white she-cat

Brokenpaw-longhaired, scarred, dark brown tabby tom with an extremely small paw, formerly of EclipseClan

Stormpaw-large brown tom


Tigerlily-pale ginger coat

Kits, Smallkit and Wingkit

Thrushnose-pale coat with a white nose

Kits, Amberkit, Brightkit, and Tawnykit

Shadefrost-beautiful black, brown, white coat

Kits, Gingerkit and Palekit

Skyheart-gray tabby she-cat

Kit, Leafkit


Bumblebee-pale ginger tabby tom with black stripes

Birchberry-golden brown tabby tom

Dapplepelt-once-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat


Smallkit-small gray and pale gray tom

Wingkit-pale tabby tom

Amberkit-red-brown and golden she-cat

Brightkit-pale ginger and ginger she-cat

Tawnykit-pale ginger she-cat

Gingerkit-dark ginger, black, and white she-cat

Palekit-white tom with pale paws

Leafkit-russet-colored she-cat



Willowstar-beautiful silver she-cat

Apprentice, Wingpaw


Thrushrose-rose-colored tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Loudpaw

Medicine CatEdit

Muddust-muscular brown and tom

Apprentice, Bluepaw


Spottedheart-blind tortoiseshell she-cat

Cloudear-gray and white tom with fluffy white eartips

Apprentice, Lilypaw

Flamefoot-ginger tom

Dovethroat-ginger she-cat with a splash of pale gray on her chest

Apprentice, Sandpaw

Blackflight-black tom

Blueberry-fluffy blue-gray tom

Thistlepelt-tabby and white she-cat

Brightfire-bright ginger tom

Palestorm-pale ginger tom

Apprentice, Whitepaw

Bramblefang-brown tabby tom

Brackenpelt-golden tabby tom

Whitetail-white she-cat

Hazelnose-gray and white she-cat

Lionclaw-golden tabby tom

Tigerfang-big dark brown tabby tom

Willowfur-very pale gray she-cat

Speckletail-pretty pale tabby she-cat

Morningflower-small pretty tabby she-cat

Nightfoot-small white tom with huge jet-black paws

Toadwing-dark brown tom

Blackstorm-black tom

Galestorm-small pale gray tabby tom

Leopardsand-spotted ginger tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Nightpaw

Mudsnow-dark brown tabby tom with white splotches

Mudtail-big dark brown tabby tom

Nightshade-dark gray tom

Raintalon-blue-gray she-cat with a scarred muzzle

Fireclaw-ginger tom

Sandfur-pale ginger she-cat

Toadfrost-black and white tom

Smokebird-black tom

Ashmist-pale gray tom

Graystream-gray tom


Lilypaw-ginger tabby she-cat

Sandpaw-pale ginger she-cat

Wingpaw-dark gray she-cat with fluffy tufts of pale fur

Swiftpaw-black and white tom

Whitepaw-white she-cat

Loudpaw-blue-gray tabby tom

Bluepaw-bluish-silver she-cat, medicine cat apprentice

Nightpaw-white and black tom


Branchwing-brown and pale ginger she-cat

Kits, Lightkit, Goldenkit, and Honeykit


Nightfur-black tom


Lightkit-light brown and pale she-cat

Goldenkit-brown and ginger tom

Honeykit-cute red-brown and golden she-cat



Shadestar-white tom with gray ears

Apprentice, Hollypaw


Appleleaf-tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Apprentice, Blackpaw

Medicine CatEdit

Whitewater-white she-cat with a blue-gray paw


Yellowstorm-elderly dark gray she-cat with brilliant yellow eyes

Pinebreeze-tortoiseshell and white tom

Adderfoot-ginger tabby she-cat

Bluecloud-fluffy blue-gray tom

Racoontail-light brown tabby tom

Willowspots-black she-cat with silver spots

Apprentice, Rainpaw

Embercloud-ginger tom

Thrushhawk-brown tabby tom with cream and dark brown fur

Apprentice, Ripplepaw

Bramblefox-dark brown tabby tom

Vixenclaw-dark ginger tom

Brackenclaw-brown tabby she-cat

Leafstripe-light brown tabby she-cat

Sorrelwing-tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Birchclaw-brown tabby tom

Mousefeather-small gray and white tom

Mouseheart-small brown she-cat

Apprentice, Cinderpaw

Halfears-big dark brown tabby tom with nicked ears

Cindernose-thin gray tom

Darkpoppy-pretty black she-cat

Mudear-mottled dark brown tom

Tornwhisker-gray tabby tom with short whiskers

Morningfur-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat

Silverstream-pretty slender silver tabby she-cat

Moonclaw-pretty slender silver tabby she-cat

Bramblepelt-dark brown tabby

Cloudfoot-white tom

Blossomtail-tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Spiderclaw-black tom


Ripplepaw-brown tabby tom with soft fur going in all directions

Rainpaw-blue-gray tabby tom

Darkpaw-very dark gray tabby tom

Hollypaw-black she-cat

Cinderpaw-dark gray she-cat

Blackpaw-smoky black tom









Shiningstar-longhaired pale gray she-cat with silver legs

Apprentice, Honeypaw


Reedshade-black tom

Apprentice, Cedarpaw

Medicine CatEdit

Blizzardbird-small white she-cat


Goldenstripe-sleek ginger she-cat with a dark stripe running down her body

Blizzardflame-white, ginger, black, tabby, and tortoiseshell tom

Brackenfur-golden brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Brownpaw

Cedarcrow-dark gray tom with a black underbelly

Apprentice, Hawkpaw

Brookstream-light brown tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Jaypaw

Squirreltail-brown she-cat with a fluffy tail

Thornfang-brown tabby tom with long, sharp, fang-like teeth

Diamondfrost-slender tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat

Duskclaw-dark brown tom

Specklemist-beautiful, pure white she-cat with blue-gray flecks

Stormpelt-dark gray tom

Swiftflower-gray and white she-cat

Leaffern-light brown tabby she-cat

Brackenblaze-golden tabby tom with brown stripes

Briarblaze-dark brown she-cat

Whitecloud-white she-cat


Brownpaw-brown tom

Hawkpaw-brown and white tabby tom

Jaypaw-gray tabby tom

Honeypaw-white, pale ginger, and ginger she-cat


Whiskersong-pale gray she-cat with a brown muzzle

Kits, Mothkit, Palekit, and Rosekit



Mothkit-pale gray and dark gray she-cat

Palekit-gray she-cat with pale gray paws

Rosekit-pink-orange she-cat with darker paws



Goldenstar-fluffy bright ginger tabby tom

Apprentice, Squirrelpaw


Grayflame-gray tom with large ginger splotches

Medicine CatEdit

Branchstep-red-brown she-cat

Apprentice, Whisperbreeze


Frosttail-white she-cat

Sageflower-silver tabby she-cat

Brightfur-white and ginger she-cat

Boulderface-silver tabby tom

Cinderfur-gray tabby she-cat

Dustfur-dark brown tom

Grayflight-gray tom

Smudgelight-bright ginger tom

Apprentice, Mudpaw

Darkamber-dark ginger tom

Apprentice, Quickpaw

Orangeflame-large ginger tom

Longstripe-pretty brown and cream tabby she-cat with a dark brown stripe running from ears to tail-tip.

Rowanstrike-bright ginger tom

Sorrelfrost-tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Bumblefeather-gray tabby tom

Birdflight-fluffy light brown tabby she-cat


Mudpaw-brown tom with darker paws

Quickpaw-white tabby tom with black paws

Whisperbreeze-quiet, swift, small, tabby and white she-cat

Squirrelpaw-dark ginger she-cat


Ferntail-gray she-cat with dark splotches

Kits, Foxkit and Icekit


Ashtail-thin gray tom


Foxkit-reddish tabby tom

Icekit-white tom



Crowstar-black tom


Sandpelt-pale ginger tabby she-cat

Medicine CatEdit

Morningear-pretty pale ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Leopardpaw


Grayfang-gray tabby tom

Ashpelt-gray tom with dark splotches

Berrythroat-light brown she-cat with a pale neck

Boulderfur-dark gray she-cat

Fallingleaf-skinny, sleek ginger and white tom

Stonesong-hefty, strong dark gray tabby tom

Smokeleg-black tom

Firesong-bright ginger and white she-cat

Ivyfall-longhaired black, tortoiseshell, and white she-cat

Shadowleaf-slender orange tabby she-cat with white paws

Dust-ice-brown tabby tom with a white underbelly

Poppyclaw-dark red tom

Apprentice, Maplepaw

Mossfire-tortoiseshell she-cat

Stonedrop-black tom with gray paws

Willowheart-dark brown tabby tom

Runningleap-light brown tom

Brindleflower-pretty tabby she-cat

Ashflower-pretty gray she-cat

Dusttail-dark brown tabby tom

Thornfur-golden brown tabby tom

Birchwhisker-light brown tabby tom


Leopardpaw-golden she-cat, apprentice of the medicine cat

Maplepaw-light brown tabby she-cat


Leafcloud-brown and white she-cat

Kits, Dovekit, Tawnykit, Hawkkit

Greengaze-very pale gray she-cat with brilliant, lovely green eyes

Kits, Cloudkit, Cinderkit




Dovekit-pale gray she-cat

Tawnykit-light brown she-cat

Hawkkit-brown she-cat

Cloudkit-black and white tom

Cinderkit-pale gray tabby she-cat

Cats Outside of the ClansEdit

Blueberry-fluffy, blue-gray kittypet she-cat with a blue sapphire-studded collar.

Jet-sleek, pure black loner tom, Shade's mate

Shade-fluffy black she-cat loner, Jet's mate