EclipseClan Information

Founder: Eclipse

Current Leader: Willowstar

History of Ranks



1.Name: Eclipse

Gained Rank: Unknown

Left Rank: Unknown

Deputy(s): Unknown

2.Name: Willowstar

Gained Rank: Before "Birth"

Left Rank: ~

Deputy(s): Thrushrose


Name: Thrushnose

Gained Rank: Before "Birth"

Left Rank: ~

Medicine Cat

Name: Muddust

Gained Rank: Before "Birth"

Left Rank: ~

EclipseClan is a group of cats that live in a part of a forest that has mostly marshes and pine trees in their territory. The founding leader, Eclipse, was named after the time when the sun was cover by the moon, known as an eclipse. When EclipseClan was created, he extended his name. EclipseClan represents ShadowClan the most.

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