The Woods' Territories is the place that the six Clans live in the the Powers of the Stars series. It has a varied look throughout the entire Woods.


The Woods is made up of a forest, two gorges, a marsh, open grassland, and a small beach next to a river and pond. The forest is claimed by DawnClan. The two gorges are a way apart and is claimed by MidnightClan and SunClan. The marsh is claimed by EclipseClan. The open grassland is claimed by MoonClan. The small beach and the area surrounding it (including a few trees to hunt under) is claimed by TwilightClan. The river is named Rockstream by the cats and The Gold River by twolegs; it's the border between TwilightClan and MoonClan. A thunderpath named Emerald Avenue borders DawnClan and EclipseClan from twoleg territory. The two gorges were once worked on by humans, but the project was cancelled because of the budget. The twolegs built a short, wooden fence around one of the gorges, the slightly larger one claimed by MidnightClan, and that fence borders MidnightClan's gorge/camp.


Version OneEdit

Sketch of territories

Clan TerritoriesEdit


DawnClan claims the northwestern part of the Woods (see pink area). Their camp is a large patch of short soft grass in a slight dip in the ground, barricaded with fallen tree trunks and brambles, with one of the tree trunks having a large branch stick out towards the middle of the camp.

Landmarks in the territory are:

  • Large rocks and a boulder named Rockfall, near the thunderpath. Used to learn to climb tricky surfaces


EclispeClan claims the northern part of the Woods (see gray area). Their camp is surrounded by a marsh area, but the actual camp is dry. There is a dead tree stump in the middle of the camp.

Landmarks in the territory are:

  • There is abandoned twoleg equipment, including a tractor.


MidnightClan claims the midwestern part of the Woods (see burgundy area). Their camp is in a gorge with holes in the vertical surface used as dens.

Landmarks in the territory are:

  • The wooden twoleg fence built around the gorge.


MoonClan claims the southeastern part of the Woods (see beige area). Their camp is a crator-like area in the ground with enlarged rabbit holes used as dens.

Landmarks in the territory are:

  • A small pond with small glittering silver rocks at the bottom that shine in moonlight. This is called the Pool of Stars.


SunClan claims the mideastern part of the Woods (see yellow area). Their camp is in a gorge with holes in the vertical surface similar to MidnightClan's camp used as dens. There's a water source that runs into their gorge, but the source is unknown.

Landmarks in the territory are:


TwilightClan claims the southwestern part of the Woods (see blue area). Their camp is 


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