is a group of cats that live in a part of a forest with wetland, rivers, or shores all around. The founding leader, Twilight, got her name because she'd come out when the sun was setting and would go back into her den at moonhigh. When TwilightClan was created, she just extended her name. TwilightClan represents RiverClan the most.

TwilightClan InformationEdit

Founder: EclipseClan

Current Leader: Crowstar

List of all TwilightClan cats

History of RanksEdit


Name: Twilight Gained Rank: Unknown Predecessor: None Left Rank: Unknown Deputy(s): Unknown

Name: Birchstar Gained Rank: Before "Birth" Predecessor: Unknown Left Rank: Before "Birth" Deputy(s): Shinepelt, Heronclaw

Name: Shinestar Gained Rank: Before "Birth" Predecessor: Birchstar Left Rank: Before "Birth" Deputy(s): Heronclaw, Crowstar

Name: Crowstar Gained Rank: Before "Birth" Left Rank: ~ Deputy(s): Sandpelt


Name: Shinepelt Gained Rank: Before " Birth" Predecessor: Birchstar Left Rank: Before "Birth"

Name: Heronclaw Gained Rank: ~ Predecessor: Shinepelt Left Rank: ~

Name: Crowstar Gained Rank: Before "Birth" Predecessor: Shinepelt, Heronclaw Left Rank: Before "Birth"

Name: Sandpelt Gained Rank: Before "Birth" Left Rank: ~

Medicine CatEdit

Name: Mosstail Gained Rank: Before "Birth" Left Rank: Before "Birth"

Name: Morningear Gained Rank: Before Birth" Left Rank: ~

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