Before you read, this is not related to PotS. If you do not wish to read, then go on ahead. But if you wanna know something, READ.

On Thursday (I think XP) websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, (etc.), blocked out their logo. I was a witness to this. I was going to Google something and there was this giant censor bar over their logo. I rolled the mouse over it and it said something like "Uncensor the internet" and I'm thinking "HELL YEAH!"

Well, today my mom said that it was because They (<--- who's that, idk) wanted to shut down search engines and, as for Facebook, shut down anything that can keep you up-to-date on recent events.

Why, you say?

Anyone ever hear of New World Order (NWO)?

If you haven't, I cannot possibly tell you. It's too horrible T_T Just google NWO and click the Wikipedia link. It explains everything.

What does this have to do with censoring search engines?

If they keep us in the dark then it'll be easier to take over the world. They capture the weak of mind first.

I used to say it's a bunch of bologna (hope I spelled it right) but the evidence is unavoidable.

The government is involved. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! Barack Obama is a 33 mason, Walt Disney was a 33 mason, Beyonce, Jay-Z, YMCMB, they're all in the Illuminati.


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