Hey guys. It's Christmas, yay! :D. So I made this blog to ask..

What'd you get for Christmas?

I got:

  • Ōkami (on the Wii) ~Mom~
  • Another Wii remote ~Mom~
  • An Ematic mp3 player (pink) ~Grandma~
  • Earmuff/headphones ~Grandma~
  • Hoodiebuddie (a jacket where the strings are headphones and the pockets hold your mp3) ~Grandma~
  • 2 boxes of Legos (DON'T JUDGE MEEEE XD. I am fascinated with Legos o3o) ~Grandma~
  • Minnie mouse earmuffs ~Mom~
  • An outfit (skinny jeans and a black turtle neck) ~Grandma~
  • A pair of black boots ~Mom~
  • A hand-made scarf ~Sister Taylor~
  • Halo Anniversary (XBOX) ~Mom's Boyfriend)

Comments on your presents?

Comments on my presents?

  • <|:o)> Merry Christmas!

(That dude above me is Santa Claus XD)

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